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tips for composing a good term paper in time

Looking For A Good Research Paper Executive Summary Example

Your local university probably keeps a copy of nearly every research paper submitted to them, a master copy as well as other digital or physical copies. You can ask to read some as an example to use for your own assignment. It’s easier to do your homework if you have a layout of some kind to follow along the way. Make sure that you aren’t plagiarising or copying any of the essay you read, however you can use similar ideas or structures in your own words. Think about the good parts that you can change to make your own and add into your homework.

Where to find research paper examples

The executive summary of a research paper is only one part, and functions as a whole within the project. You are probably more likely to find an example of one if you simply look for an entire paper to read, including the executive summary. Searching by department or major is a good way to narrow down the examples you’re looking through, and then possibly searching by a similar, broader topic.

  • Usually full pdf versions of these types of papers can be found at any university site
  • Some news sites will offer updates on the latest discoveries in the field, as well as scholarly articles and new approaches to fact finding that you can find useful
  • You can also find information or help in research groups or centers that are dedicated to the topic you’re writing on
  • Other subject specific blogs or online magazines can have examples of the type of assignment you need to write
  • There are online communities where you can ask for help or get someone to write an example for you to use

Writing a research paper based off an executive summary example

Once you have the sample you need, it’s time to begin writing your own work. Don’t spend too much time looking for that example because then you won’t have much time left for the actual writing and information gathering parts. If you plan out your days and know which section of the essay you’ll be working on then you’ll be more productive. It’s important to have a schedule in order to meet the deadline and get it done on time. Handing in assignments before the due date ensures that you don’t get docked any marks for a lower grade.