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What To Know About Research Paper Writing Methods: An Outline

When you commit yourself to professional writing, you need to get rid of the sensational traits, frills and frivolity. A research paper is not your everyday diary; it should come out as the labor your love for the subject. Your writing style should convey that in clear terms.

Here is an outline for different writing methods –

  • The expository style – Here, your writing style is one-toned and you stick to facts and figures. You commit yourself to concretizing your findings and strengthening your hypotheses with reasoning. Even your conclusion is a draw-out from actual pores.

  • The analytical method – This encapsulates situations and makes fervent analysis of them, whether in the Methodology section or the discussion. This method is largely applicable to psychology. Here, you need to authoritatively analyze to sound redoubtable or else there will be enough scope for conflict.

  • The value-addition style – This style finds itself either in Language research or a research on infrastructure. You can keep adding value to the paper with intelligent ideas and careful cultivation of junctures. You can show the entities direction to grow and not remains stagnant. This again requires total knowledge of the subject.

  • The inquisitive method – This is about those papers which are to find new avenues, new dimensions. This is more applicable to exact science subjects than opinionated subjects. Suppose, you need to create a soil mixture that is more productive than general soil, then your method will keep on analyzing the components in varied ways.

  • The didactic method – Here, you feel like changing the trends. Suppose your research is about the status of child exploitation, then you need to concretize the fact that children cannot be used and abused for your own benefit. You can then bring about figures to strengthen the core that countries with greater rate of child exploitation are countries that suffer a lot.

  • The sequential method – Here, each chapter leads on to the other and till the conclusion is meted out, the patterns are largely predictable. These papers however offer a brilliant denouement.

Set your priorities right

These writing methods belong to different categories, subjects and even the writers. Of course, if you are a seasoned research writer, you can experiment a bit with your writing method without compromising the texture of the paper. You should however make sure that the standing motif comes out emphatically in the research paper.

Also, be consistent with whatever writing method you adopt.