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How Do You Write A Research Paper On Alzheimer’s Disease?

Writing a research paper on Alzheimer’s disease seems to be a challenging assignment. However, this task isn’t as difficult as it seems to be. You just need to take a closer look at the subject to understand what particular aspects you want to focus on. It’s also important that you explore the topic thoroughly and organize your ideas on it in a proper manner.

Pre-Writing Stage: Narrowing the Topic and Conducting Research

  • Check requirements.
  • Read the assignment details or consult with your teacher to understand how long your paper should be. The topic of Alzheimer’s disease is rather broad and it’ll be impossible to cover it completely in a short piece of writing.

  • Pick a particular angle.
  • If your paper isn’t supposed to be long, give preference to writing about one specific aspect rather than superficially looking at all at once. Namely, you may focus on one or two of the following subtopics: the causes of Alzheimer’s disease, its symptoms, prevention, treatment, or prognosis. You may compare Alzheimer’s disease to any other form of dementia or dig deeper into the history and explore the first attempts to diagnose the case.

  • Research deeply.
  • Don’t rely on the very first source you come across, but use as many credible materials as possible. Namely, check the following places:

    • The Internet.
    • Look through online encyclopedias and search for articles about Alzheimer’s disease on specialized medical websites.

    • Library.
    • Look for information on the topic in recent medical publications.

    • Experts in the field.
    • It’s great if you know someone who works in the medical field. Ask this person for advice on where to search for the necessary materials or for their opinions on the topic.

Writing Stage: Outlining, Drafting, and Revising

  • Develop an outline.
  • Decide what order you’ll follow when presenting your ideas and what evidence you’ll use to support your thesis. This is a necessary stage of the writing process, and you shouldn’t skip it to craft your research paper on Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Write your paper.
  • Now you just need to translate your thoughts into writing, which is really easy with a good preliminary outline. Make sure to follow the structure required by your teacher.

  • Revise your work.
  • Read your paper carefully and check if it’s consistent. Correct mistakes and make sure that you present your ideas in a clear and understandable way. Ask someone else to read your piece. It’s always beneficial to get a fresh pair of eyes on the manuscript, especially if it’s an expert in the medical field.