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How To Write A Term Paper Conclusion Correctly: 5 Useful Tips

If you are writing a conclusion, it can be incredible difficult to know how to begin. One of the best things that you should learn when writing a paper is that the conclusion is not as hard as you might think. Below are five useful tips that you can use.

  • The first tip is that your conclusion does not have to be written last, but it should be. You should write your conclusion after you have written the whole of your body. The conclusion cannot be written before you have drafted the body of your text, or at the very least cannot be written well. Once you finish your key arguments and have your supporting evidence, then you can create a conclusion that is really powerful.
  • The conclusion is supposed to frame your argument. It must work in conjunction with the introduction. This means that the introduction creates the first part of the frame and the conclusion creates the latter part of the frame.
  • Your conclusion should roughly amount to 10% of the total length of your assignment. If you are writing a five paragraph essay than the conclusion should constitute one paragraph. If you're writing a 5 to 7 page essay your conclusion should constitute roughly one page or three quarters of a page.
  • Your conclusion should also include one sentence to represent each of your body paragraphs. If you have three supporting arguments and three supporting body paragraphs then you should have three sentences in your conclusion, each of which refer back to the information that you presented in those body paragraphs. Your purpose here is to really leave the reader with a better understanding of what evidence you presented and why your point of view was conclusive and authentic.
  • Get a sample that you can review and learn from. Many students are afraid of doing this, but it is one of the best ways to really learn how to craft a good conclusion. If you can see what other A students did for their conclusion, you can take notes and apply those notes to your conclusion. If you are looking for a sample that you can follow, there are many places where you can look. You can ask your teacher. First and foremost, you can turn to your teacher for sample information. Your teacher who assigned you the task is one of the best suited to give you access to the sources you need to use as a sample.