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Sociological Determinants Of Consumer’s Purchasing An Iphone 6

There are many factors that directly influence consumer’s purchasing habits. Understanding the vast realm of these determinants provide the groundwork for marketers to successfully appeal to their target customers. The achievement of secure competitive position is a prime task for the marketing function. In order to present the iPhone 6, or any product, the marketing team needs to fully understand the driving forces that enable and allow individual consumers to spend their money to purchase this product. Customer buyer behaviour is controlled by social, cultural, and personality. Marketers understands these basic behaviours and how to reach their core customer base. There are internal and external factors that directly influence the consumer buying behaviour. The external problems that exist includes consumer’s ability to spend the money on the expensive product. Sales drop based on the luxury price tag and directly affects the company’s ability to keep up with the necessary technological advancements. Consumers do not have significant loyalty, they want the latest and greatest, which allows for competitors to take sales. There are also no active products meaning that failure to comply with consumer demands will significantly hinder potential sales.

The internal problems that exist involves suppliers and their ability to comply with the manufacturing demands. There is a lack of variety and a significant delay in product delivery. Consumers want their product here and now, leaving them frustrated with the long waits to receive their new products. Apple Inc. employees have to address the significant pressures to meet consumer and company impossible demands without option for delay. It is also important to consider internal marketing. If the company operates poorly it affects the consumer behaviour as well. The focus of this paper will be to examine the sociological determinants that influence consumer’s decisions and how marketers can successfully utilize this factor in influencing purchases.

Customer Buying Behaviour

In efforts to understand the sociological determinants associated with consumer buying behaviour it is vital to look at culture, social factors, and personalities of the customers. Cultural factors include where an individual grew up, their friends, and their families. Cultural buying behaviours includes perceptions of what is acceptable and popular. Social status of consumer buying is also influenced by how one views the economic position. The upper class society is able to purchase the luxury items, this influences the common society to follow in their footsteps. They perceive success as being able to make buying decisions in the same capacity as the upper class individuals. Personalities is what makes an individual who they are and how they behave. It directly dictates what an individual will purchase and their reasons for making that buy.

PEST Analysis


  • More than half of Apple Inc.’s sales are international.
  • The poor relationship of the United States with other international locations has a negative effect on Apple Inc.
  • Apple depends on international locations for manufacturing the product in China, Korea, Ireland, Czech Republic, and Cork.


  • Three important factors that Apple has to address is currency, inflation, and recession.
  • The US dollars is continually fluctuating, but international currency helps with regulation.
  • Apple Inc. is viewed as a luxury product and consumers have to spend money to own it.


  • The world is dependent upon technology, making Apple Inc. a significant product worldwide.
  • The purchasing power of the common is continually rising in the majority of markets making the purchase of luxury product increase.
  • Owning an iPhone 6 is considered a status symbol in the majority of societies making Apple sales increase.


  • The lifespan of technology is limited. Apple has to continually update their product to remain competitive in their market.
  • The focus of Apple Inc. in their technological research and development has placed them at the top of their innovative market.
  • The company starts on a new product line as soon as their current one hits the market, allowing them a significant technological advantages.

Executive Report

The sociological determinants that influence consumer buying behaviours directly affect the method that marketers use to reach the desired demographics. Apple Inc. has positioned themselves to be the best of the best in every venue they participate in. The company has utilized several determinants of consumer buyer behaviour in marketing to these consumers; however this paper will focus on the sociological aspects. Starting with the product, the focus will be placed upon Apple Inc.’s iPhone 6. Hitting the market in September 2014, the sales of this product were astronomical. With the heavy price tag associated with the iPhone 6, Apple Inc. had to create a desire for the product and allow consumers to see why it was a must have that took such a large chunk out of their wallets.

The economy continually has their financial challenges; however, the iPhone 6 sales were not challenged by this factor in any capacity.

The basis for this research is to determine the extent of the sociological determinants that are associated with consumers and how the company marketed this product to create such desire.

The research for reaching the target market started with the sociological considerations that influenced the buyers directly. The influences included, but are not limited to the culture, family, and society that varies from individual to individual. For example, a business individual looks to the iPhone 6 to offer them the latest technology to stay on top of their personal obligations and responsibilities. Having this phone may not provide them an advantage over their competition, however if it is believed to it creates the need to buy this phone. Others see successful professionals owning an iPhone 6 and feel that they need to own the product as well. Whether or not the iPhone provides a competitive advantage is not the focus of this paper, merely how individuals view the status quo that is associated with it.

In compiling the research associated with this paper, a significant factor to consider was not necessarily the product, but how the product was viewed. Apple Inc. has created a name for themselves as being the best of the best, and marketing has played a vital role in this. Upselling the latest version was merely based on the company’s ability to create the demand for the ‘best technology’ on the market. Friends, co-workers, and even peers play a role in aiding the company’s ability to create such a demand and need for owning the iPhone 6. With a price tag up to $850, it is vital to research the sociological determinants that motivate the consumers to invest in such a product. Narrowing this product line to a single phone, the iPhone 6, with such a significant cost associated will provide an adequate area for research and understanding how successful company’s market to their target markets. The sociological factors associated with consumer buying habits are vital for understanding and utilizing successful marketing tactics.