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A List Of Civil Rights Research Paper Topics To Consider

The United States of America has benefited in many ways form its access to large amounts of involuntary unpaid labor in the years after it was founded. While the system of slavery was accepted for hundreds of years, it eventually became unsustainable and for economic reasons as much as the pressure from a growing abolitionist lobby, it was made illegal. But, just as slavery of many kinds continues throughout the world, so too did the oppression of the descendants of the enslaved Africans in the years after the Emancipation Proclamation. This manifested in the following ways:

  • Lynching, assaults and other acts of unsolicited violence
  • Segregated churches, eateries and other facilities
  • Threats from members of the Ku Klux Klan and other similar organizations
  • Discrimination in employment
  • Inability to vote or hold public office
  • Exclusion from many tertiary level educational institutions
  • Inability to marry people of other races

These represent only a fraction of the issues that were to be addressed by the civil rights movement’s mandate. Here are some research ideas you can consider under that topic:

  1. How did the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade lead to the conditions that necessitated a civil rights movement?
  2. What were the key aspects of Jim Crow that made life unbearable for people of color?
  3. How was the definition of domestic terrorism expanded to include organizations such as the Black Panthers?
  4. How was the U.S. governments attempt to smear the reputations of leaders such as Martin Luther King conceptualized?
  5. Compare the civil rights movement in the United States with the struggle to end apartheid in South Africa.
  6. With reference to recent police shootings of unarmed African American males, should the civil rights groups be more active in modern America?
  7. Compare Marcus Garvey’s influence in the Caribbean with his impact on the movement in America.
  8. Compare and contrast the leadership styles and personalities of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.
  9. Which government officials gained the most from the introduction of crack cocaine to predominantly black communities?
  10. How did segregation affect the American music industry prior to the intervention of civil rights groups?

There will always be more things to consider in relation to this period in history. There is no need to cover every aspect in your research, in fact you may benefit more from specializing so that what you do commit to paper is more in-depth as a result.