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The Essence Of Writing A Research Paper On Social Media

Using some form of social media has become a popular activity for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. It’s been a hot button issue for several years now and is often the subject of many research studies. Here is what you should know about the essence of writing a research paper on any topic related to social media:

  • Select a Topic You Can Handle
  • When you consider topic ideas for your assignment you should think about making the work manageable. Stay away from topics that you are too broad or too narrow. You want to choose something that falls in between and always something that interests you right from the start.

  • Do Some Background Research
  • Searching online for some background is a great way to improve your general knowledge of the subject. You generally don’t want to reference anything that doesn’t come from an academic or government site, but do take note of any resources you might be able to track down on your own.

  • Conduct Your In-Depth Research
  • Next, head down to the school library and search for credible academic resources you can reference in support of your argument. Speak with a reference librarian to get some ideas for search terms and possible resources. Try to stick to content that is no older than three years. Anything older than this might be outdated.

  • Create a Draft Outline and Thesis
  • Take your notes and organize them into clusters of related ideas. These should form your points of discussion. Before getting started with writing draft a thesis statement and arrange your ideas in an outline. It’s much easier to critique the logic of your argument when you are evaluating it in an outline.

  • Write the First Draft of the Paper
  • Don’t wait to get started on writing the first draft until the last minute. You should do this soon after completing developing your outline and it should be done as quickly as possible. The reason behind this is that you are bound to be more efficient in getting your best ideas down if you are constantly trying to make corrections.

  • Fully Revise, Edit, and Proofread
  • The final steps in creating a great assignment on social media is fully revising, editing and proofreading. Of course, each of these should be done separately and should have your undivided attention. Aim to have these completed over the course of several days to increase your chances of making significant improvements.