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Where To Look For A Sample Research Paper In Turabian Style

The Turabian style of writing was established by Kate L. Turabian. It includes a style for writing your research paper in regards to tone and sentence structure and also guidelines for formatting. It can be used for papers, dissertations, and theses. Additionally, there are two separate types of citations for Turabian style. Be sure to discuss which is preferred by your professor before turning in your final document.

  • Education Websites
  • Educational websites often contain a wealth of information about writing styles, sample papers, and more. If you are unsure of how to write in Turabian style, an educational website can really help you format your paper. Additionally, educational websites are considered to be very credible so you can rely on the information and sample papers that you find here.

  • Google Images
  • Another way to find a sample paper in Turabian style is to type it into Google Images and find pictures of the paper. This is beneficial if you need help with the overall formatting of your research paper. However, be sure that the image you choose has come from a credible website. Not every search result that you find is considered to be an authority.

  • The Purdue Website
  • Like educational websites, the Purdue website is considered to be very credible. In fact, they are considered the authority on many styles of writing. If you are unsure of how your paper, dissertation, or theses needs to be formatted, then you can be sure that the Purdue website can guide you in formatting and style. This is true whether you are looking for Turabian style papers or another form of writing.

  • Online Libraries
  • Online libraries are another credible source when it comes to writing. However, libraries are only as credible as their publications. Make sure that you know the source of information about the Turabian style is considered an authority before your rely on it to help with the formatting and style of your paper.

  • What You Need to Remember
  • Proper Turabian style includes proper page formatting, a specific writing style, formatting for headings, and a specific style for the reference page. After you have found your sample research paper, make a checklist of the necessary guidelines to follow for each area. When your paper is finished, you will be able to go through this checklist and be sure you have followed all of the proper guidelines for Turabian style.