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Winning Biology Research Paper Topics To Write About

Biology is a fascinating subject for many students, but this does not make it easy. You have to memorize a lot of information before you can work on your assignments, and even a simple research paper can take a lot of time. You have to bring evidence to everything and make sure that all the information is accurate. Of course, before anything else you need to choose a nice topic to write about. Here are some ideas that you can use:

  • Obesity. In biology, you learn how your body is working and what you should eat to stay healthy. Then why so many teenagers have problems with their weight? Is this a matter of genetics or bad diet? Discuss about this and emphasize the dangers of obesity.
  • Birth control pills. Many women use it, but you will notice that not many of them know how this actually works. You can explain this, as well as discuss about any potential danger. This can turn into a very educative composition if you also present some other measures of birth control.
  • The evolution theory. Almost every student heard about this theory before, and everyone tends to believe in it. However, in the last years some scientists said that this theory is not valuable, because there are many missing links. What do you think about this?
  • Prevention of genetic diseases. Explain how and why we develop genetic diseases and how we can prevent this. Also, explain why alimentation can trigger genetic diseases more early.
  • Sleep disorders. We all sleep, so at the first sight this topic might not seem very interesting. But what about those people who can’t sleep at all or they sleep all the time? This will be fascinating for your colleagues, especially because most of the scientists did not find any explanation for this.
  • Human and animal instincts. We all have instincts and some of us learn how to listen to them. Animals also have instincts that tell them when to defend themselves and when to run. But what is the connection between us and them? How come we learned to control our instincts and they did not?
  • Alzheimer disease. It is very common nowadays to hear about someone who suffers from Alzheimer. How it is possible to forget details about our life and not remember them again? What is the scientific explanation for this?