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A List Of The Most Interesting Research Paper Topics About Urbanization

Urbanization is the shift of population from rural to urban regions. The gradual increase in population is leading to many changes and hence raising many predicaments. Such transformations have made researchers look for interesting research topics.

If you are too in search of such topics, check out some of them-

  1. How effective are new building designs in metro cities in preventing the natural calamities like earthquake?
  2. What are the various types of designs practiced for constructing building in urban areas? Discuss the quality of building materials used and the construction approaches employed towards the green building designs?
  3. How successful are the novel planning strategies and technologies in creating energy efficient neighbourhood?
  4. What strategies are employed to deal with the climatic changes in the urban areas?
  5. What paradigms have been employed by metro cities to manage and preserve the ageing infrastructures?
  6. What tools are employed to save water, energy, transportation while managing the waste in urban areas in urban areas?
  7. What is the idea behind urban farming? How waste management practice is associated with it? How it will help the country men to restore the economies?
  8. Investigate the consequences of natural calamities and role of technology in dense urban areas?
  9. Discuss the role played by digital modeling for urban infrastructure. What fabrication techniques are used by modern era engineers for building strong infrastructural network?
  10. Discuss the contemporary tools used for planning, designing and preserving the urban environment and its system.
  11. Discuss some of the lucrative prospects and policies employed by America towards the urbanization.
  12. How urbanization is hampering the growth and development of advanced cities? What are the various issues faced by them?
  13. What are the challenges encountered by some of the developing nations to address the needs of livelihood and sustainability?
  14. What is urban world? Why more and more countries are struggling towards this transformation? What are the struggles faced by urban people for earning their livelihood?
  15. What do you understand by live able city? Discuss the term in context of struggles of its residents?
  16. Make a comparative examination of various urbanization models?
  17. Discuss the urbanization in today’s scenario and compare it with historian age?
  18. What are the challenges faced by urban population in terms of infrastructure, climatic conditions and place of living.
  19. How urbanization and inequality can be inter-linked?
  20. Discuss environmental protection and urbanization in terms of sustainable economic growth?
  21. Compare urbanization in terms of benefits and drawbacks of Africa, Island Pacific and Japan?