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How To Pick A Hot Topic For A Research Paper On Terrorism

Terrorism is the threat that hangs over all the nations. Many countries met its violence. Since the events of September 11, 2001 terrorism became a dangerous worldwide problem. Governments of all the countries work out the solutions how to confront it. There is nothing strange that students very often get the assignment to write a research paper on terrorism. To select a bright topic is the first step one should do. Our article will give you helpful tips on how to pick up a nice theme for your research paper on terrorism.

  • Think what is interesting to you
  • The most important condition of selecting a good idea is your personal concernment in it. Try to remember if there is anything you would like to research. Maybe you watched the news and there was something you wanted to know more about. Actually, it should not be the information on some peculiar terrorist attack, but it can be the methods of terrorism prevention or government anti-terrorism policy.

  • Make up the list of keywords
  • Write down all the words that can be used in your work. You can take these words from news, Internet, articles, books etc. Mind that each of these words should contain some useful information on your matter. Then after you have the list, review these words and if it’s necessary pick up the synonyms or narrower terms. Try to combine all these words and change their places to get the best sounding title.

  • Get the information
  • Read some articles, books or encyclopedias to obtain more information for the subject you have already selected. It will be even better if you have several approximate topics to select from. Consult some written sources to understand if there are a lot of books on the subject you chose. If the information on it is not enough, make the issue broader and, vice-versa, if there are too much of the information, make the paper more specific.

  • Ask your friends or group mates
  • Your acquaintances should have also written the research papers, so they should know what title will sound good. Discuss your issues with them. They can give you some good pieces of advice. Young people always have some fresh and brilliant ideas. Together you can create a hot and trendy topic.

  • Consult your tutor
  • After you did all the previous steps, you should go to your tutor. She or he is the very best person to confirm that your idea is good and worth. The tutor will also help to formulate the work in a proper way to meet the academic demands.