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The 10 Best Research Paper Topics About Online Education

Research papers are one of the most common writing assignments that students are asked to write in school. They are designed to give the student a chance to dive deeper into an issue as it relates to their course study. One of the most difficult parts of writing a research paper is not the actual writing part but rather the part where you have to decide on a topic to write about. Once you have nailed down the general topic that you will write about, the rest goes by very easily. You will choose a research question that you will work to answer regarding online education.

Many students are starting to utilize technology by getting their degrees online. They can go to class when they are available to and they are able to work at their own pace for the most part. It is a great way for people who work full time to be able to better themselves by continuing their education. When writing a paper regarding online education, there are many factors to consider. You will ask yourself a question regarding learning online and then conduct research to answer it. Then, use the proof that you have collected to answer your question and give the reasoning behind your answer.

Here are some topics to consider when writing a research paper on online education:

  1. How are universities looking at online degrees in comparison to traditional degrees?
  2. Do students get a superior education online?
  3. Are online schools more difficult than traditional schools?
  4. Do online learners get a better education?
  5. Is the trend moving towards online schools?
  6. How effective are E-books for learning purposes?
  7. Is there enough accountability in classes online?
  8. Do students have to participate more in online classes?
  9. Why do you think online classes are becoming so popular?
  10. Why shouldn’t a student take an online class?

Utilize one of these topics or use the list to brainstorm some ideas of your own. Then start conducting the research to come up with a well-thought out and researched answer to your question. Use an outline to organize your ideas and then create a draft from your outline. Edit this draft by reading through it and fixing any mistakes that you may have. Soon enough, you will have a final draft that is well-thought out and error free.