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Academic Formatting Basics: The Research Paper Title Page Layout

When creating your research paper, you should carefully decide the most suitable approach to regarding the format. A simple but clear paper title page layout is usually what the authors are looking for. In this article, we review the basics about formatting a title page in academic writing.

  • MLA Format Title Page. The Modern Language Association (MLA) suggests a concise layout for your title page. At the top, you write the name of your study centre. In the centre of the page, you will write the title and subtitle. At the bottom of the page, you include other relevant information, such as your name, the course name and number, your professor's name and the paper due date. This is a quite simple outline for your cover page, whenever you are required to create one. In addition, you will not waste much time formatting this page and you are able to save a template for future academic documents.

  • APA Format Title Page. First impressions make the difference when readers take a look at your academic document. You should never neglect the importance of this impression because people tend to judge every document by its cover. According to the APA format, you should include the title of your document at the left corner of the title page as a running heading. Next, the title should appeared centred. At the bottom, you include other relevant data, such as your full name, the study centre name and the date. Another option is to include the important information next to the centred title just a few inches below. By so doing, you will make it easier for the audience to record the relevant info of your project in a glance.

  • Other Layouts. In a frequent basis, people include a small picture in the title page. This approach helps to separate the relevant information in order to enhance the heading at the top and separate it from the other data at the bottom. The picture is often place in the middle of both elements and it has to be directly related with the project. In addition, placing a few pictures, like the badge of your institution is recommended to be included in the cover page. It helps provide a formal look to the academic document. If you decide to include a large image in the middle of the title page, select it carefully keeping in mind the scale, B/W or colour requirements.