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15 Unique College Literature Research Paper Topics On E. A. Poe

The work by Edgar Allan is one of the most studied pieces of literature especially in colleges. The author is a good example of how you can turn adversity into blessings as he was able to overcome serious challenges to become one of the most celebrated authors. You can be told to write a literature paper on the author or his work. Here are a few examples of the topics you can write on and what you should write about.

  • The childhood of Edgar Allan
  • Edgar Allan had a childhood that was filled with difficulties and sorrows. He was not only faced with the death of his loved ones built also broken relationships. During his lifetime, he was disappointed by men and he considered women to be the angles that would save him from depression and alcoholism. It is these childhood experiences that led Poe to become one of the most celebrated authors of this era.

  • The American mind according to E. A. Poe
  • In the first half of the 19TH Century America thought itself to be good and the beacon of democracy. In the 1828 election it demonstrated that even a person from the countryside could rise to the highest political hierarchy. Under the influence of the industrial revolution, most Americans believed that it is possible for man to conquer nature and the natural world doesn’t pose any danger that cannot be handled by human technology.

Other 15 unique research paper topics on E. A. Poe include:

  • The life of E. A. Poe and the ravens
  • The work and life of E. A. Poe
  • The black cat by E. A. Poe
  • Themes in the writings of Edgar Allan Poe that mirrors his work
  • Understanding the work of E. A. Poe
  • E. A. Poe
  • E. A. Poe’s biography
  • The mystery of E. A. Poe
  • What inspired E. A. Poe
  • Use of imagery in E. A. Poe’s work
  • Comparison between the work of E. A. Poe and the work of Nathaniel Hawthorne.
  • E. A. Poe’s Fear in the Pit and the Pendulum
  • The black cat by E. A. Poe
  • The Masque of the red death by E. A. Poe
  • How E. A. Poe mirrors the American Society in his work

This means that there are many areas that you can write on E. A. Poe. If you are not given a subject, you can choose any of the above.