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Coming Up With Outstanding Research Paper Ideas On WW1 History

If you are tasked with writing an essay on World War I there are many topics from which to choose. Just because a previous student has written on your topic before does not mean that you are unable to cover that same topic. The same main topic might be similar but the angle from which you cover that topic or the perspective that you choose, or even the social, economic, or political context that you place the topic inside of might differ enough to make it new and interesting.

If you are struggling to come up with a World War I essay topic on your own, consider the topics below. These are intended as a guide and should be used to help motivate you into brainstorming a topic that suits your interests as well as your project parameters:

  • You can craft a paper that argues whether or not the First World War was unnecessary.
  • You can focus on the portrayal of manliness in the war propaganda and what influence this had on the men
  • You can write about the gender roles, especially the occupations that women took up during the war and how
  • that changed the way that gender roles were viewed in places such as France after the conclusion of the war
  • You can pick a particular battle and focus on that from the perspective of economics, causes, outcomes, injuries, etc…
  • You can write about the development of new medical care for those who were injured
  • You can craft a paper that focuses on trench warfare
  • You can write a paper which connects the causes of the first world war with the reasons it had continued for four years, where there any connections at this point?
  • You can craft an essay which considers what role diplomacy played during this war and whether or not it was a positive or negative influence
  • You might consider writing about U.S. policy at the time for troops who were serving overseas
  • You could review the different technologies which were used at the time and which dies were able to benefit from which technologies. You could argue that technologies may have prolonged the war.
  • You can explain which technologies during the war were the most important to its outcome or to an individual country
  • You could write a paper that explains the attitudes of the leaders, the strategies, or the technologies that influenced trench warfare.