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Looking For A Sample MLA Research Paper: Simple Guide For Beginners

If you need to format your research paper using the MLA style, it’s a good idea to get a sample of such a document before you start working. A proper example research paper will help you learn main MLA style requirements, including how to organize your assignment, insert in-text citations, and format footnotes and endnotes. You’ll also figure out some nuances that apply in different situations.

It’s advisable to keep the copies of materials that you’ve found, so you’ll be able to use them when needed. Be aware that there’re many low-quality works in the world of academic writing, so you should learn where to look for reliable sample MLA research papers. The following simple guide for beginners provides information about the places where top-quality documents can be found:

  1. Collections of university or college writing labs.
  2. The top-quality sample MLA research papers can be found among the materials provided by university writing labs. These documents are prepared by experienced educators and approved by teachers, so students can use them without hesitation. You’ll save time and effort if you ask a lab’s instructor to help you select the right example.

  3. Materials of the school library.
  4. Remember that your school library contains plenty of useful educational materials, such as sample research papers in different styles, MLA writing manuals with examples, and the best works prepared by former students. It’s also a good idea to download and study writing guidelines on how to write a winning paper using a proper sample.

  5. Websites of high-rated writing companies.
  6. Writing companies often provide free sets of example academic assignments in different formats, so you can find a sample MLA research paper written by a professional writer. Usually, you can preview a part of a document. To download a full-text assignment, you need to register and send your request to a manager.

  7. Moderated online educational resources.
  8. Educational resources, such as Web-portals, provide helpful materials for students free of charge. However, you should choose the one that is constantly moderated by professional educators. It’s a good idea to check websites maintained by government agencies, non-profit organizations, and big companies.

  9. Student study forums and groups.
  10. Students actively exchange good practices. They write about where to get reliable examples of research assignments in the MLA, what resources to use, how to check the document’s quality, etc. It makes sense to join a study group, so you’ll be able to communicate with students and ask them to share their works.