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How To Pick Up A Fresh Criminal Justice Research Paper Topic

There are no shortage of criminal justice topics that you can cover for your research paper. It is best that you understand the subject before you choose a topic. You want to pick a topic that will interest you because it will make your paper way easier to write and research. This list will give you general up to date topics that you research and find a specific topic to cover.

Criminal Justice Topics

  • Campus crime has been on the rise in the last decade, and you can choose a school or even a specific area to find information and write your paper.
  • Cyber crimes have been on the rise as well because of the easy access just about anyone has to the Internet. You can choose a certain type of cyber crime and write about it.
  • Domestic violence gets more calls than most other crimes. You can look at why this is so high and what measure can be taken to lower it.
  • Believe it or not but we are actually living in a safer world and homicides are down. You can look at the homicide rates for the last few decades and examine why the rate is down.
  • Identity theft is easier to do now because most people have all of their personal information on their computers making it easier for a criminal to access it. You can examine if there has been an increase or decrease of identity theft over the last few years or so. You can also look at how people steal someone else identity.
  • You can pick a certain kind of court to cover, criminal, family, and drug, juvenile, and so on to cover. You could give an in-depth look at how they work and what kind of sentence are give to different defendants.
  • Since the implement of mandatory sentences, the inmate population has grown exponentially. Is this the reason or is there another reason for the growth in the criminal justice system.
  • Another interesting way you could cover the subject is to pick two of the same kind of cases in criminal court and look at the sentences and see if they are fair or discriminatory.

With case studies and millions of books on the subject, there is a lot of different topics that you can cover on criminal justice. One search online will tell you so much about the subject and picking your topic will be easy.