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The Structure Of A Research Paper Outline: Tips For Dummies

The research paper is an extremely important part of a senior year. You need to be spot on while writing it and you can use a little help for sure if you don’t really know about this paper. First of all, you need to do a little homework, you need to find out a topic on which you are going to write. After that you need to research a lot about the topic you have selected. After doing enough research you can come up with the material you want to include in your paper. Here is a proper outline of the structure of a paper of this kind.


Start with the normal stuff. Don’t jump on to your topic, but just try to be natural. Try to write something from common life in context with your topic and afterwards you need to relate it with your topic. The starting part is considered as an introductory part so you should save the important material and should not give it away in the start. Just give hints of it in your starting paragraphs. Create suspense in the minds of the readers that you are coming up with amazing research.

Main Body:

The middle part of the paper is the main body of the paper. You need to write the main material you have in this part. You need to concentrate a lot while writing this part as this is the heart of your paper and if you got this part strong, you will surely ace the grades. You need to be brief and present your research in a factual way. You cannot bluff or fluff. You need to be to the point and present facts and figures in the best way you can. You need to write in a literary way along with being factual and you must avoid grammar mistakes.

Last part:

The last part of the paper is also important as you have to conclude in this part. You need to bring all the research and facts you have presented in your paper to a proper ending which you have to plan. You need to pinpoint all of it towards one final result which you have to present in the ending paragraphs and all of your work needs to favor that point. You need to leave the readers with some benefit after reading your paper.