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How To Select Up-To-Date Economics Topics For College Term Papers

In today’s world, it seems as if there is always news about something wrong with the economy not only nationwide but also worldwide. The economy is defined as the study of a system that produces and distributes goods and services. It is a study on the pattern of spending in a given society and how it influences the supply and demand of services in a region as well as worldwide. Picking a topic in economics can be a tough choice but it is always a good idea to write about topics that are more current. The sources of the essay topic idea can come from the news (television, online and the newspaper). However, more research might be needed to gather more information on the subject matter. Possible topics to write about that reflect the state of economics today are:

  • Immigration and is effect on the economy
  • Today, we are seeing more people immigrating to the U.S in search of a better opportunity. You can reflect on how the increase in immigration is affecting the economy.

  • The fluctuating gas prices
  • In recent years, we have seen the rise and fall of gas prices. Can this be a reflection on the state of the economy?

  • Unemployment
  • More and more people are becoming unemployed. This is especially seen with students who just graduated from college. Is this growing trend an indication of where the economy is going?

  • Income distribution
  • In the news, there have been mentions of the income distribution gaps between the rich, middle class and poor. Is the distribution gap affecting the economy?

  • Personal finances
  • Spending has increased. People are in debt to credit card companies, student loan agencies and cannot find a way to pay it. Making a correlation with unemployment, you can write about how the expense to revenue ratio of citizens adds to the economic crisis facing the nation.

  • Healthcare
  • The Affordable Care Act promises health care coverage for many. However, for that to be successful, it needs to be adequately funded. Will funding a healthcare system lead the economy to ruin or will it help it?

  • Military Spending
  • Based on what we know, is the government allocating what citizens believe to be a large sum of money to the military? Can the large spending be beneficial to the economy or can it cripple it in the future?

There is so much that you can write about the economy. You merely just have to read a newspaper or turn on the television, and there are topics that warrant further research. The topics presented are just the tip of the iceberg.