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A List Of Great General Psychology Term Paper Ideas To Discover

General psychology courses cover a wide spectrum of topics, thus giving you the opportunity to consider a large selection of topics to select from when writing a term paper. The best approach, however, is to first choose a general topic then to narrow your focus to something that interests you. Your enthusiasm for your topic will show in your writing, improving your chances of earning a high grade. Here is a short list of general psychology term paper ideas to discover:

  1. How are phobias diagnosed and can tests be improved to prevent misdiagnosis? Many people will go on years before they speak about their potential phobias, so may actually exacerbate their response to fears when they are older.
  2. How does personality disorder affect the way people build and maintain relationships? Can diagnosing personality disorder early in people help them cope with building lasting social relationships?
  3. What are some unseen triggers of self-destructive behaviors? In an attempt to come up with better ways to treat patients with self-destructive behaviors, can identification of unseen triggers lead to groundbreaking treatments or do they only lead to more questions?
  4. How does poor self-identity lead to overly intense relationships with other people? When people have poor self-identity they tend to become overly dependent on others, but what early indicators are present before this sort of behavior occurs?
  5. How do cognitive approaches help in the treatment of borderline personality disorder? Are there new and promising approaches that can be considered in treating borderline personality disorder or is cognitive the best?
  6. What does research suggest are the best ways to cope with season affective disorder? It affects thousands of people each year and in severe cases can lead to depression and even suicide.
  7. What can be explained about false memories through cognitive psychology research? False memories can be very serious and lead to cases of trauma and repressed behavior.
  8. How do social surroundings affect learning abilities and disabilities? The more we understand about the more we can help prevent disabilities, so why isn’t there research available?
  9. How do gender roles in children affect the way people fit into society as adults? Is it wrong to introduce gender roles in young people? Or is this largely a biological tendency that can’t be grossly modified?
  10. What can psychology tell us about how people understand attraction, romance and love? These things all create chemical changes in our brains, but how does psychology fit in?