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5 Ideas For Writing A Top-Grade Term Paper On The Freedom Of Speech

The idea of freedom of speech and how to regulate it dates back to the Ancient Greeks; although they did persecute Socrates for his teachings "against the gods." Today, there is still some concern over what exactly freedom of speech should entail and include. For this reason, there are many choices when it comes to writing a top-grade paper on this topic. To narrow it down, we have listed 5 ideas that will help get your thought processes in gear.

Freedom of Speech ~ Public Forum

When it comes to freedom of speech in public places, like parks or out on the street, it may be difficult to regulate. When does freedom of speech in public become a problem and what can be done about it, without stepping on people's rights?

Freedom of Speech ~ Inciting or Offensive

With access to the world wide web, there are a number of websites that may be offensive to certain individuals. In the case of pornography, abortion or even cyber harassment, how can the government better rule or regulate on these specific "freedom of speech" sites.

Freedom of Speech ~ "Clear and Present Danger"

This doctrine is in place to stop certain types of propaganda from entering the troops or to threaten national security. Discuss what types of freedom of speech may infringe on these regulations and what can be done about it.

Freedom of Speech ~ Expressive Conduct

Expressive conduct is classified as the wearing or displaying of anything that symbolizes something that is considered offensive, for example public nudity. However, would the displaying of gang-related colors or related paraphernalia not be offensive to some people and be considered a threat?

Freedom of Speech ~ Commercial Speech

Advertising has certainly changed over the last decade. Commercials have gone from mere annoyances, to bordering on the offensive. Where should the line be drawn when considering freedom of commercial speech and should we have stricter regulations?

There are many avenues you can venture down when writing a top-grade term paper on the freedom of speech. Choose carefully which topic you want to pursue, then do your research to get all the facts and information you will need. In addition, write about what you are passionate about. By doing this, your paper will be both compelling and grade-grabbing.