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11 Unexplored Research Paper Topics On Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is exactly what it sounds like and much more. Naturally, this subject is not for everyone, in fact, I would imagine that you would have to really enjoy working with computers to be successful at this course. Still, even the most motivated students get headaches when attempting to pass exams or complete homework on this subject.

Research on computer engineering can be very interesting and highly educational, with the ability to take you to places you could never have imagined. With the right topic, you could find yourself at the very frontier of human creation observing spectacles you never imagined existed.

To find the right topic for yourself, consider the following tips:

  • Ask friends to work with you
  • By doing this you will benefit from their perspectives complementing yours. You thus arrive at different ideas than you might have seen on your own.

  • Look at the topics in the field that are trending
  • You may have noticed that even people who are normally disinterested by anything related to computer engineering are looking into robotics and A.I. For potential profit making applications. By putting your research into this part of the field you increase its chances of being noticed not just by people who study the same field but by lay people and news outlets.

  • Integrate with other fields
  • Few things that deal with technology cannot be linked to other fields. Everyone else in your class will want a topical idea to start researching on. Yours will stand out more if it links to something unexpected such as mental health or economics. Do the unexpected.

The following is a list of 11 unexplored research paper topics on computer engineering:

  1. Making quantum computing simple enough to allow mass production of functioning devices in under ten years.
  2. Re-imagining A.I.: How artificial intelligence could drastically alter the course of history.
  3. Robotics for use in the securing of domestic properties
  4. Creating a new wholly intuitive programming language for all
  5. The $1 P.C.: How cheap can a functional Personal Computer be?
  6. Crystal Storage: Infinite memory that lasts indefinitely
  7. Bio-technological computer enhancements to the human body
  8. Can humans control complex hardware using the brain connected to computers?
  9. Creating affordable self driving cars using renewable materials
  10. The A.I. Teacher: Removing barriers to education through computer engineering
  11. Humanitarian Mechanization: Building machines for the most dangerous/degrading jobs
  12. Artificial Intelligence for outsourced Problem Solving