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General Advice On How To Organize A Research Paper Body Outline

Making an outline is actually the initial thing which the writer should do prior starting the process of research paper writing. Indeed, at the time he or she has already decided what subject matter to discuss, the next step would be to be very focused in terms of the scope of his or her prospectus such as thinking of what he or she will include in his or her discussion.

In point of fact, the broader the subject matter is the more complicated it is to tackle in complete details. In actuality, this is the reason why it is imperative to establish in advance the scope as well as the limitations of your writing task and this shall be the basis of the outline of your prospectus.

Fundamentally, the outline of your writing task shall comprise of three primary components that contain the introduction, the body paragraphs and finally your conclusion. However, in order for you to ensure that your research paper is complete, it matters to approach your professor for particular components that he or she prefers to be tackled in your analysis.

What should be included as you create your outline?

The three main components of a research paper were mentioned above. Let us have an example outline. For the introduction section, keep in mind that it must generally state concisely the entire primary points of your subject matter which your target readers are going to read about. Not to emotion, it is quite crucial to have the following parts:

  • The Statement of the Problem
  • The Definition of the Terms used
  • The Theoretical Framework
  • Methodologies used
    • The type of research
    • Your respondents
    • Questionnaire
  • Hypothesis
  • The Review of Related Literature
  • The Scope as well as Limitations
  • And finally the Significance of the Study

Meanwhile, for the body paragraphs, this must consist of the background of the study and of course the presentation and analysis of your data. Finally, for the conclusion section, the writer should come up with his or her concluding statement which could be in the form of thesis reworded or analytical summary and then of course the recommendations.

It is interesting to note that sketching is considered a very fundamental step in the writing process mainly because this enables the writer to visually delve into the linkages between his or her ideas. It is worthy of note that if your structure your writing piece too early in the process of writing, then, more likely you risk missing these linkages.