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How To Do A Research Paper On Abortion: Picking An Original Topic

When you are writing a research paper on a serious subject it’s always a good idea to pick an original topic. Ideally, it should be something interesting as well as something that helps your enthusiasm show through in your composition. Here are 10 really good topics for your consideration:

  1. Like other kinds of situations and decisions that are difficult, abortion creates stress. The APA found that stress levels were at their highest immediately before abortions. Is there any supporting evidence for stress causing what has been referred to as post-abortion syndrome?
  2. Most abortions take place in the first trimester, a time marked by the fact that a fetus cannot exist outside of the mother. How important is a mother’s health factor into decisions to have abortions after the first trimester?
  3. What supportive evidence exists suggesting that abortions should be legal under all circumstances, legal under certain circumstances only, or illegal in all circumstances?
  4. What do different areas in the U.S. feel about the notion that abortion should not be considered the same as a form of murder because of the fact that a fetus cannot survive outside of the woman’s body?
  5. Do you consider adoption as an alternative to abortion as it remains the woman’s choice whether or not to give up her child for adoption? Some studies have shown that fewer women that give birth choose to give their children than previously believed.
  6. Discuss the notion that if a female is willing to have sex with another person then she is knowingly accepting the responsibility and risk of getting pregnant. Do you think this is reason enough to say that abortion should not be an option?
  7. Do you believe that as matter of providing access to contraception then a women’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion should be taken away? Consider that many people don’t have the access or means to find quality contraceptive products.
  8. How do different religions from around the globe consider abortion and the right to choose a human right that should not be taken away, versus those religions that consider it a right that can be taken away?
  9. In other cases, people have been accepting of advances in technology and medicine that change the natural order, such as vaccines, antibiotics and anesthesia to name a few. Why then have people around the globe been resistant to abortion rights?
  10. Are advances in technology reducing the health risks associated with late term abortions? What are the most promising technologies and how will the change the political temperature of legalized abortion?