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Drafting An APA Research Paper Title Page: Tips And Examples

APA title page is the first step towards writing a research paper. It is mandatory to take care of smallest mistake as even a small mistake pops up as a glaring shoddiness and reveals negligence of your work. It casts bad impression on the readers long before they evaluate your entire thesis.

A common but a true saying states that any book is gauged by its cover. Similarly a title page decides the standard of your research too. Hence it is necessary that before you start writing your research paper, you read all the requirements of your professor or University. Though APA is the common way to write any research paper but in some cases MLA style is also asked by a few Universities. Make sure you are on the right track.

  • Font size and style: Your font size should be 12pt in Times New Roman.

  • Align the title page in the centre of the page: Ensure that it is half way down the 8.5 x 11 inches paper.

  • Personal details: It should be aligned in the centre. Make sure it is at the bottom of the page and includes your complete name, the name of your institution and the date of submission. Some of the University supervisors want their name to be included in it too. However, it is the matter of the student’s choice in other cases. Apart from this the level of your paper – dissertation, term paper or dissertation also decides whether name of the supervisor will be imprinted on it or not. It is necessary that you go through the guidelines of your department seriously.

  • The Running Head: The running head should not be more than 50 characters long and is considered to be shortened version of the title. It is used at the top of the page and comes under header.

  • The page number: It is also printed under the header function in word processor. It should be separated by 5-7 spaces and is present throughout the header on the right hand side of the page.

  • Final remarks: This section creates a good title page and reflects all the labor of your hard work that you have employed in your research.

  • When you write your research paper in simple APA guidelines revise the entire content for spellings, abbreviations, punctuations and quotations. Pay special attention on table construction, statistics etc.

Remember, APA or American Psychological Association is widely accepted by maximum Universities of United States for writing a great piece of thesis.