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Writing A Good Research Paper About Video Games And Violence

Video games and the violence associated with them have garnered the attention of many academics and researchers alike in recent times. Many teen murders motivated and inspired by contemporary video game themes have captured headline news at a frantic pace. There is definitely an urgent need to understand the elements of video games that cause such mayhem and strike some as an interesting pursuit to the point of destructive, cult-like obsession. What is it about these video games that draws out the violent nature from some and yet leave some others untouched? Would an outright banning of video games be the ultimate solution? Or would dealing with the causes of violence be a more appropriate and mature debate. Well, let's explore what elements link playing video games to violence to determine how you create a good research paper about video games and violence.

  1. Psychological: There is inconclusive evidence to suggest that psychological factors such as low self-esteem, masculine fantasies, and control freakiness in some people, when they come in excess contact with certain video games, can bring out the violent streak in them.

  2. Addiction: The explanation behind chemical dependency, alcoholism and substance abuse that causes some people to get addicted to certain materials can also be replicated to video games. This calls for research to link the addictive behavior to violent video games.

  3. Social: Teens who are shy tend to have fewer friends outside their homes and have an affinity towards spending more and more of their time indoors playing video games. It’s worth exploring how much of such antisocial behavior leads to the violence associated with video games.

  4. Moral: There is a general decay of moral values in recent decades caused by excess materialism and cynicism associated with it. Hence, people grow up losing their moral compass. Has this had an influence on people being desensitized to violence?

All studies done linking playing video games to violent behavior are deeply flawed and incomplete. There is ample amount of room for further research to be conducted on the causal links. It would be a good idea to provide recommendations and strong suggestions at the end of the research paper for effective practical actions that can be taken by the authorities to nudge and encourage video game players towards anti-violent behavior. Legislation plays a huge role in this, too.

So there you go. You have been given enough ammunition to understand what you need to look for that is causing anti-violent behavior and do further studies. Hopefully, you can play a part in bringing down the violence caused by playing video games with your research paper!