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How To Write A Strong Research Paper On Idealism: A Step-By-Step Guide

At a certain point in your academic career, you may be required to write a research paper on idealism. This can prove to be a challenging task if you don’t have any prior experience with such papers. It can be even more challenging if your instructor doesn’t provide any guidelines. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write a strong research paper on idealism.

Establish the Goal of the Research Paper

The first tip on how to write a strong research paper on idealism is concerned with determining the goal of the paper. In a general sense your paper could be either argumentative or analytic. Each type will require a different writing style and focus which should be established before you start writing your draft. If you choose an argumentative approach, you will have to take a position on a debatable issue in idealism and argue for your point of view. Pick a debatable issue with a logical counter argument.

If you choose an analytic approach, your paper should offer a fresh perspective toward an important issue or theory in idealism. The subject doesn’t have to be controversial, but you should try to convince the audience that your idea has merit.

Develop Your Thesis

A thesis statement is a short sentence that states the main argument or goal of your paper. You should develop the thesis statement at the beginning of your paper, although you may later change the wording when preparing the final draft. All the information in the body of your paper should revolve around the thesis, thus it should be very clear.

Decide on the Main Points

The entire body of your paper should be related to the ideas that you feel are the most important. Conduct some research to establish what points are the most central to your argument or the information you present.

Determine the ideas that you have adequate and concrete facts and research to support with evidence. Jot down the main points and arrange the related facts or research under each. The main ideas should be your basis for developing paragraphs.

Formatting Guidelines

You will have to organize the research paper according to a specific rubric, formatting guidelines or class guidelines. For instance, you may have to organize the paper according to headings such as introduction, discussion, results, etc. These guidelines will dictate the manner in which you craft the outline of the final paper.