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Creating A Great Research Paper On Starting A Small Business

Writing a research paper on a great topic is not as difficult as many students believe it is. The procedures for crafting the paper are always the same, but when the topic is interesting, those procedures seem to be easy. Starting a small business has so many options that completing a writing assignment on it can be done by nearly any student. Here are some tips to get the project done:

  1. Pick a business to open. Starting a small business takes many of the same steps, but there usually different requirement for different types of businesses. Choosing a type of business will immediately bring your paper down to a manageable level. For example, starting a hair salon will have different licensing requirements that opening a restaurant and those requirements will be necessary to research.
  2. Pick a state to open the business in. Each state also has different requirements for opening businesses. This will also help you narrow the focus of your paper, making it much easier to complete on time and successfully.
  3. Conduct the necessary research. You will need to look in a few important places. The first is your state’s business website. There, you should be able to find everything you need to know about opening the specific business you have chosen. You will also find links to the financial information that the state, federal, and local governments require businesses to file. It can also be helpful to find articles about small businesses that have been opened, both successfully and unsuccessfully. This way you can show what to do and what not to do in your paper.
  4. Record the sources you use. Research papers need to have a complete and thorough listing of sources used. These can be recorded by hand or you can keep a record with an online citation websites.
  5. Organize your paper. It is always helpful to craft an outline before you begin writing. Once you feel like you have enough research, use an online organizer to plan the paper. If you need more information, the outline will show you where you need to put it.
  6. Write the paper. As you write, follow the rules that your teacher requires. Be sure to properly cite the paraphrased information and directly quoted information that you use. You will not just want to include the information you find, but your thoughts and opinions on it, too.