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How To Select The Right Research Paper Introduction Format

Unlike the abstract, the introduction does not have a word limit, but you still have to be concise. Look at the introduction as the story behind your research paper, sometimes it is easier to write this first whilst other writers will prefer to write it at the end just like the abstract.

The introduction should give the overall view of your paper. You need to state your research problem, your thesis and hypothesis. It should start with the broader context of the area of interest then focus in on the research problem and how you aim to solve it.

Write about the importance of your paper, have you set out to find something that another researcher may have overlooked. Have you applied what you have learned from someone else’s work and altered one of the variables?

Give a good account of the methodology that you have followed, state you predictions and formalise the impact of your research should if you have been successful in demonstrating that you can assume that are results are not due to chance (null hypothesis) .

You also need to highlight any weaknesses or assumptions in your research, by pointing this out at the beginning of your paper, it makes it easier for the reader to judge the validity of your work, rather than make assumptions from the start.

Always assume that the paper will be read by someone who has working knowledge of your field of study. Make sure that you set the scene and show how you work will fit in with previous work in this area of study.

Although there is no word limit, aim to keep your introduction, factual and to the point. You will lose marks if your work diverges or goes off on tangents even if they may seem relevant to you at the time.

Try to keep your work in a logical order, take the reader on your voyage of discovery. By the time the reader reaches the end they should know precisely the aim of your work and if you have done this well, your conclusion and discussion will flow back through to the introduction.

Ideally as soon as you have finished writing this section you can then start on the rest of the paper. By working this way rather than leave it till the end you will always be able to refer back should you find that you are losing your way when writing the other sections.