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A List Of Fresh Research Paper Topics For Middle School

Middle school students are different. You cannot use topics for high school aged children in middle school classes. The essay titles must be age and maturity appropriate. Also keep in mind that writers in the grades 6-8 will not be as advanced as in the higher grades. Children will also get bored easier in the junior high school years. Consider the following title topics for your younger students:

  • Shel Silverstone and his Magical Poetry
  • Age Appropriate Shakespeare such as Much Ado About Nothing-stay away from Romeo and Juliet and the tragedies
  • When I Grow Up-JH Kids Want to be Older Always
  • If I was President for the Day-expect some laughter with this one
  • Describe How to Do an Every Day Task-make a milk shake or change a tire
  • You are Never too Old for Dr. Seuss-plot a Seuss book in a paper, kids love this topic
  • Going Green-kids are very conscious of their environment
  • I Hate it When-middle school kids often whine, let them get what bugs them off of their chest in an essay and get it over with
  • The Old Man and the Sea-the symbols and the religious connotation make for amazing papers and most JH kids can figure out what is going on in the novel
  • Dystopian Novel Analyzing-consider assigning one of the many dystopian novels (school appropriate on the market) and having the kids either analyze the theme, characters, or symbols-kids love these books
  • Disney-kids like Disney and it has some very good plot lines, try the Jungle Book and how animals and people are similar
  • Short Story Analyzing-use one of the stories from your literature books
  • Folk Tale and Myths-most books include a unit on folk tales and myths-the kids can write amount common themes in those genres
  • Analyzing poetry-use this with 8th graders to get them ready for high school, let them pick a poem from a list you give them, a good poet for middle school is Mary Oliver
  • My Favorite Novel-the kids can analyze their favorite books
  • My Least Favorite Book-why didn’t you like the book
  • Super heroes and literature-always fun
  • My favorite Character-a good choice of topic
  • Little Women and how girls have changed and not changed since the Civil War
  • Love Stories and Literature-the boys and the girls like this topic, but they won’t admit it to you