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Creating A Good Conclusion For A Research Paper On Bullying

The concluding paragraph for a research paper on bullying is your last chance to make a great impression on the reader by validating your work and the evidence you have brought in proving your thesis statement. It’s the last piece the reader will see and is likely to stay in his or her mind for some time, so it’s important that you make sure you bring your “A” game when writing it. Here’s a method for composing a good conclusion:

  • Quickly restate your topic, thesis statement and main points
  • Restate your topic and thesis statement in different words other than the ones you’ve used prior. Next, provide a brief summary of the main points about bullying brought up in the body paragraphs. A great way of doing this simply is to rewrite your topic sentences (again, using different words) and to condense them into no more than three or four sentences.

  • Synthesize the major points explaining how they are linked
  • In addition to providing a summary of the major points in your conclusion you should also synthesize the information by showing how they are related to one another and how they work to prove your thesis is correct. Don’t assume that because you have added up the points within the body paragraphs that the reader will recall or even readily understand what you have proven. Go over the information and show relationship.

  • Bring things back to the beginning to provide some closure
  • In writing a great introduction, students are taught to start broadly with their topic and gradually bring it into a more precise or focused view in a thesis statement. In a conclusion you can reverse this technique and take the reader from the focused back into the broaden viewpoint. It’s a great way to bring the reader back to reality and more importantly a great way of providing a sense of closure.

  • End with a call to action, quote, or thought provoking question
  • Finally, it’s a good idea to end your assignment with a bang. Three of the most effective methods for ending your conclusion are presenting the reader with a call to action, a quote, or a thought provoking question. Any one of these will leave the reader thinking about your research paper well after he’s finished reading it, and will likely have a great impact on how well your work is taken as a whole.