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11 Excellent Research Paper Ideas To Impress Your Professor

If you want to amaze your professor by writing a truly exceptional research paper, you need to start by choosing an excellent topic. Unfortunately, there are so many boring, over-used topics out there. Thankfully, we’ve collected a list of eleven excellent research paper ideas to impress your professor.

Waste disposal

Disposal of waste is becoming a major problem across the globe. What can be done to effectively minimise waste production? Is waste being disposed of efficiently? Or are there better methods?

Effectiveness of torture

Torture is scarily often used as a way to achieve a certain goal, like extracting information from someone. Is torture actually effective? Is there ever an appropriate time to use torture?

Space exploration

Billions of dollars are spent on space exploration every year. Some people argue that the money could be better spent elsewhere. Is this a good time to be exploring space? What of relevance can we learn from space?

Impact of ecotourism

Ecotourism is becoming a bit of a fad as people become more environmentally aware. What are the main impacts of ecotourism? Does it help?

Body language and gender

Men and women often display very different body language in the work place. Does this affect their success at work? If so, how?

Reasons for terrorism

People engage in terrorism for a number of different reasons, be they personal, political or religious. What causes people to commit these terrible acts of violence? Can terrorism ever be truly justified by the motivations behind it?

The Internet and children’s intelligence

Some people claim that the Internet is dulling children down, while others say it’s making them brighter. What is the actual impact of the Internet of children’s intelligence levels?

Imposed democracy

After World War II, America started putting pressure on other countries to adopt democracy. Did this improve the state of global politics? Did it improve ordinary people’s lives at all? Is it ethical?


A few people claim that there is no place for feminism in today’s world. Is this true? Or is feminism still important today?

The morality of zoos

Arguably, zoos do have a place in animal conservation, but they re perceived as cruel by many people. Is it unethical to keep animals in zoos? Can the use of zoos be justified if they play a role in conservation efforts?

Children used for war

Sadly, innocent children are often exploited in wars. How are children used in war? How can this atrocity be prevented?