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Ten Interesting Topics For Your Research Paper On Frankenstein

People who have a strong passion on English literature would most likely enjoy reading Frankenstein and just analysis the work. True, the work itself is certainly an art that has inspired many to try and understand what the author, Mary Shelley was trying to imply. Indeed, Shelley’s work has inspired many to try and analyse her work, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing else to discover! As a university student, you should also come up with some topics for your research paper on Frankenstein as well. Here are some ideas that could get you started:

Victor – The God in the ‘Frankenstein’ universe

If you have read the book then you would certainly agree that Victor tried to play god. When I say play god, it means that he tried to achieve the impossible – his own pride had caused him to perform certain actions. But however, some has argued that he did not. You might want to analyse this further and discover what is the truth!

Frankenstein – Gothic Novel

It is really true that Frankenstein is a typical Gothic novel, but then there are certain elements that fit into a romantic novel as well. Express your own opinions!

Narrative structure

If you don’t fancy analysing the characters, then you could just analyse the narrative structure of the book. Try and identify if there’s any difference between the narrators.

The ‘Monster’

Frankenstein’s monster is probably the most famous character across the globe. Do you feel sympathetic towards him or not?

The Modern Prometheus

Prometheus was a character in Greek mythology and yet Shelley has used the phrase ‘The Modern Prometheus’ as her subtitle of the novel. What does it mean?

The role of sickness

In the novel, Victor always gets sick. You can talk about how this is important to the story and how it develops. Similarities between Victor and the Monster

Victor created the monster and you can certainly compare the characteristics between the two of them.

Is Victor’s search of knowledge the cause of his fate?

Well you can certainly discuss whether this is true or not. There is no right or wrong, but you need to justify your answer.

The role of suspense in the novel

The tone and pace are rather tight in the novel with plenty of suspense. How does that affect the reader’s perception?

Do readers sympathise with the monster?

The monster’s persuasiveness is truly effective in making readers feel sorry for him – to what extent do you agree with that statement?

Discuss the background of the book and the time it was written by Shelley

You can always talk about why the author had written the story. Do some research on the background!