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tips for composing a good term paper in time

The Best Collection Of Intriguing Term Paper Topics

The success of your term paper is determined by many factors, and choosing a good topic is a crucial one. The subject should catch the readers’ attention, as well as include arguments and controversial ideas.

Furthermore, it should be something you are interested in or want to learn more about. If you find it difficult to select a term paper topic, the following collection of intriguing subjects may help you:

1. “To tweet or not to tweet?” The impact of social networks on our lives.

Analyze how social media affects the way we communicate nowadays. Provide reasons why or why not people should make their personal lives public via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

2. Positive thinking strategies. Do they work?

Do you believe in the power of positive thoughts? Does it really lead to success? Explain why you consider positive thinking to be useful or not. Provide some examples.

3. Using technology in kindergartens. Does it contribute to education, or is that money down the drain?

Express your attitude to employing technology when working with infants. Find some evidence confirming it. Explain why technology can be helpful or harmful to kids at such a young age.

4. Organ donation. Saving lives or a multi-billion dollar industry? Religious aspects and ethics of organ donation.

Offer statistics that show how many lives were saved due to organ donations, as well as provide information about rich people “hunting” others to get the organs they need. Describe how religion views organ donations. Then, pick a side and prove your point.

5. Heavier taxes should be imposed on junk food.

Argue why fast food should be more expensive, and why fresh and healthy meals should be promoted instead.

6. Surrogate motherhood. Womb for rent or a way to fight infertility?

List the pros and cons of surrogacy. Determine whether it should be legal or not; describe religious and ethical aspects.

7. Should the wealthy share with the poor? 8. Toys imported from China poison children with lead. How to solve this problem.

Find cases proving that lead poisoning is due to imported Chinese toys. Offer ways to avoid this.

9. Should all countries be refugee-friendly and assist people who are faced with wars in their home countries? 10. Anorexia as a result of society’s influence on young girls.

Describe how seeing very thin celebrities and models influences teenage girls and causes anorexia.

11. Euthanasia. Death with dignity or murder? 12. Fashion ruins young minds and causes inequality.

Do some research and find real stories about how fashion leads to peer pressure among teens.

13. Plagiarism and technology. How has the Web changed the way we study?