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Fifteen Successful Research Paper Topics About Queen Elizabeth

So, your tutor has given you a task to write a research paper about Queen Elizabeth 1, but you have no idea what facts to include to sound more unique and not to repeat what others will say? Try to imagine yourself as a medieval journalist and Queen Elizabeth as a celebrity. What would you like to ask her – about her personal, private life or about her political preferences and career? Thus, you will figure out what do you like to focus on. Still struggling? Then, simply read the following themes about Queen Elizabeth and choose one which you the most.

  1. Research her biography. This is the easiest way to write your assignment, mostly because there is almost nothing to research – simply pick up some queen’s biographies and choose the most interesting facts from her life in the chronological way.
  2. Focus on the influence of the Tudor era on the Elizabeth’s lifestyle and character.
  3. Compare Queen Elizabeth with other famous queens of her era, and explain why she was that famous and powerful.
  4. Try to compare Elizabeth with an ordinary woman from the Tudor era. How different their lives were? Whose was more difficult?
  5. Research about the relationship between the daughter of Ann Boleyn and men. Try to figure out through analysis of her personal life, if she was truly married only to England.
  6. Religious views of the most famous queen are also an interesting topic to research, especially her attitude towards Catholic Church.
  7. Write about the political life, focusing your attention more either on her internal or external political decisions.
  8. Queen Elizabeth and famous explorers like Drake and Raleigh. Her attitude towards explorations – negative and positive factors.
  9. Try to explain why she had decided to become the "Virgin Queen" by analyzing her childhood and relationships with relatives. Was her father, King Henry VIII and his attitude towards women, one of the reasons of her decisions to stay married with England?
  10. The relationship with her half-sister Queen Mary, and it’s influence on the Elizabeth’s character.
  11. What was the reason of the bad relationships between Elizabeth and pope?
  12. Try to analyze the role of the "Virgin Queen" in the Renaissance period.
  13. "Virgin Queen" in the modern culture.
  14. Attitude of modern people towards Queen Elizabeth and her politician carrier.
  15. Views on political decisions of "Virgin Queen" of modern historians.