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Top 33 Research Paper Topics On Yoga: Great Suggestions For Students

Many students want to learn more about yoga since it still carries some magical aura. However, this subject can also be studied with a scientific perspective. It’s a good idea to do a background study in order to learn more about the research area before selecting a topic idea. You may visit the school library or search for books and articles on the Web, try to get an interesting idea, and find some surprising data.

If you have trouble choosing a great research paper topic on yoga, you should study to following suggestions for students to get started:

  1. Yoga as a system of meditation and physical postures.
  2. A deep spiritual significance of practices.
  3. Different meanings of the term: a school of the thought in the Hindu religion vs. a system of exercises.
  4. The relationship between the gurus and their students: spiritual learning.
  5. A mother as the first guru.
  6. Exercise, meditation, and breathing as three main structures of yoga.
  7. The health benefits of poses.
  8. Yoga classes for relaxation purposes.
  9. A philosophy about life that can refresh the mind and body.
  10. Medicinal value of practices.
  11. An increasing trend in American culture toward the use of alternative therapies.
  12. Hatha yoga as the most commonly practiced type of exercising.
  13. The back pain and the yogic way of handling the problem.
  14. Useful guidelines for pregnant women: the yogic approach.
  15. The yogic approach to manage arthritis.
  16. Measuring the effect of “OM” meditation in bronchial asthma.
  17. Pranayama and meditation as a part of medical therapy.
  18. A pranayamic type of very slow-rate breathing: a study devoted to oxygen consumption.
  19. Right nostril breathing practice: physiological measures.
  20. An effect of three selected breathing techniques on hearth rate variability.
  21. Yoga based relaxation techniques: reducing sympathetic activity.
  22. A contrast between the two selected breathing practices.
  23. Breathing and meditation: main psychological effects.
  24. An effect of meditation training on maze learning.
  25. Improved performance in the school tests following meditation and breathing practices.
  26. Breathing through a particular nostril: an effect of spatial memory increase.
  27. Food for our spirituality.
  28. The basics of philosophy of natural healing.
  29. . The meaning of the most popular asanas.
  30. Relaxation asanas: providing mental peace and increasing energy flows.
  31. Pawanmuktasana asanas series: providing suppleness in the areas of body joints.
  32. The myths surrounding the “OM” meditation.
  33. Aging arthritis and stress: working mitigation practices.