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Picking Up Global History Research Paper Topics: 18 Great Prompts

One of the most difficult parts of writing a global history research paper starts long before you even start looking up resources: it’s choosing a topic that can be the most challenging. Here are 18 great prompts on global history you should consider using for your research paper:

  1. How did military leaders of the middle ages affect the way Europe would break into several powerful but competing empires?
  2. What role did the Catholic Church have in 13th century Europe when the continent had just emerged from the Dark Ages?
  3. How did technological advancements affect the era of European colonization of Asia, Africa and the Americas?
  4. How did the rule of the Aztec Empire benefit from the centralized engineering of its cities, villages, farmlands and roadways?
  5. Is the war in Afghanistan symbolic of a permanent conflict of the peoples in that area? How have recent treaties and alliances reshaped the country’s path?
  6. If the peoples of the Americas during the colonization period had been immune to the diseases introduced by Europeans could they have overcome the colonialists?
  7. What role did France have in shaping the world after the British lost the American colonies in the American Revolutionary War?
  8. How did the conditions and events leading up to the French Revolution inspire future revolutions in other parts of the world?
  9. How did the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States affect politics with the rest of the world?
  10. How did the events of the Iran-Contra affair affect the way foreign nations dealt with hostile situations that could alleviate into full scale war?
  11. How did the medicines of Ancient Egypt foster the study of medicine in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome?
  12. How do advancements in women’s rights in first world leading countries like England and the United States affect progress in other parts of the world?
  13. How did the nuclear arms race affect how the world is shaped today and were there any real winners or losers?
  14. Why did the army of Iraq invade Kuwait in 1990 and how did the invasion shift the balance of power in countries from that region?
  15. What were the effects of the United States’ Manifest Destiny in shaping the regions to the north and south of its western push?
  16. How did the soviet revolution in Russia help inspire socialist revolutions in South America? Consider their similarities and differences.
  17. What were the major factors leading up to the French Revolution? And could the government have prevented the people’s uprising through diplomacy?
  18. What are the greatest concerns surrounding the nuclear arms race between neighboring enemy countries India and Pakistan?