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What A Good Term Paper Abstract Should Look Like: Writing Suggestions For Students

In certain classes, the professor will assign a term paper abstract after they assign the actual paper. This abstract is a way for readers to decide if they want to read the paper or not. It basically operates as a basic summary of the essay. It will be listed before the actual document. If the document will be listed online, the abstract will be used to index it. Since the abstract is the first thing that a reader will see, it must be well-written.

Will the Research Make It to a Conference?

At an academic conference, organizers receive numerous papers that could be included. Since they do not have time to actually read through every document, the organizers will generally focus on reading through the abstracts. If the abstract contains good ideas and strong writing, they will read the rest of the document and consider including it in the conference. For a writer to have their work in a conference or academic journal, the abstract must be designed to catch the readers attention.

How an Abstract Works

In general, most abstracts will consist of 100 to 250 words. Within this word count, the writer must write about what they did, what they found and how they found it. They must include what the findings mean for the current state of the field and their reasons for doing the project. Writers must demonstrate the significance of their ideas and any results from the research.

What to Avoid

The abstract should never include information that will not be included in the document. This is a poor academic choice and a form of false advertising. It should only include what the writer actually documented. Like any academic paper, the abstract should not use the words “I” or “we”. This writing guideline originally developed in the Enlightenment. Essays were intended to prove a universal truth that existed for everyone; not just “I” or “we”. Among academicians, this centuries-old rule remains.

Final Reminders

For the abstract to be located in an online database, it must contain keywords that are relevant to the topic. When someone types in these keywords, the abstract will appear. Students should include the right keywords in the document so that they can reach out to the most readers. Likewise, the writer must keep the reader in mind. Most people are not familiar with highly technical subjects. Writers should be sensitive to the knowledge level of their readers as they write out the abstract.